A pre-medieval village of the 11th century the name of which "Avgonima" comes from the word "Avgonimata", which means "cheap fields"..

Surrounded by a forest of pines and olive trees, it is the ideal location for naturalists in the centre of Chios island for hiking.

Altitude 500 meters from the sea level 16km away from the port, 18km from the airport.

photo:george missetzis


Spring is giving generously her presents, Spitakia in Avgonima is the ideal place in the middle of Chios island for the Naturalists to watch the nature in small groups or individually taking special care for the unspoiled enviroment.

photo:Nora Lichtenstern

You can enjoy the most splendid sunset in the village.

An automn sunset at Elinda cape Pari.

photo:george missetzis



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